Unique Toys
of Businka

Welcome to the World of Unique Creations!

 Only true Teddy Bear lovers and unique toys connoisseurs and collectors can genuinely value the ability of an artist to contribute to each end every masterpiece, not just time and skills, but much more ‐ love, a tiny part of soul, and, thus, LIFE.

The website is dedicated to real followers of the Art of creating Teddy Bear and Teddy Toy, as well as other unique pieces of art related to the realm of handmade creatures.

 And now, let me shortly introduce myself.

My name is Olya Ageenkova, also known as Businka, I'm from Moscow region of Russia.

It's quite difficult for me to praise myself, so let my "babies" do that instead. You'll find many photos of my creations on this website.
I hope they will tell you much better about me as an artist, and at least will make you smile for a moment.
If you got interested in purchasing any of pieces of art you found here, please, don't be shy to find out whether or not they are available "for adoption" at my BearPile page.

All I can say, you won't see any reproductions among my works.
Each baby is genuine!
That's why my workshop has been given the name:

‹‹Unique Toys World of Businka››.

P. S.
Dear friends, many of you already know that since 2017 I donate to World Wide Fund for Nature, therefore each person "adopting my babies" becomes, thus, a supporter of WWF either.
I'm really happy that the idea of supporting organizations like WWF is getting more and more followers day by day and I'm proud to be a contributor to this beneficial tendency!
Don't get surprised by the additional logo of WWF on my toys' photos, please.

Our planet is the heritage we are going to leave to our children!
Let's save it together!
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