Unique Toys World of Businka!


Hello, my friends!
I am a newborn creature appeared in our crazy but beautiful world, thanks to artistry of my creator - Olga Ageenkova (Businka), I've been sewn by her own pattern.
I've been given a name Brume due to some reasons which you will understand after touching my softiest fur.
All my body parts are based on split-pins and reinforced which makes me enormously active, that means I could be the greatest gift for kids. By the way, I'm looking forward to seeing my new owner's happy look, and I'm sure the happiest and most clean emotions would be from children. Especially if they find me under the Christmas tree. My eyes are hand painted. My nose and the paw pads - polymer clay, and I'm tinted with pastel paints.
So, I suppose I should stop boasting about my numberless advantages, you will get whole the understanding gradually... if you manage to buy me.

P. S.
Did I mention that I am a participant of Helloteddy 2018 exhibition?

Find out whether or not the "baby" is available for adoption at
my BearPile page.
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