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Let me introduce you the "newborn baby" from a new collection called SUMMER DREAMS.
The name of the little Yorkshire terrier is Cherry-Cone.
Feel intrigued why?
You will understand the reason when you detect a subtle cherry aroma of the small creature.
To forestall possible questions I may say that I never use any faux nor synthethic flavors.
So, consider the secret ingredient as my personal contribution into creative activity of Global Arts movement.
Few words of the job done.
Sewn of German mohair, hand painted glass eyes, nose of polymer clay, split-pin joints, blah-blah-blah...
The followers of my creative activity know almost everything of my jobs, so you may always find feedback from them at my page.
The most important aspect is my creatures always made with true love and diligence.
So, as usual, my call is "Listen to your heart".

This cute little creature is going to be one of HELLOTEDDY-2019 exhibition's stars, so be aware if you adopt the baby I will send you the puppy not earlier than 10th of December.

Find out whether or not the "baby" is available for adoption at
my BearPile page.
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