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Gucci Black Leopard

10th of August, 2019.
That's the date of birth of the "newborn" wonderful baby of Black Leopard by name Gucci.
Unlike my previous descriptions I won't give you any meanings of the name, as it's widely spread name, and, in my hubble opinion, it matches the baby perfectly.
Few words of the job done:
One of the kitten unique traits is the baby's been made of NATURAL FUR. Completely hand sewn, NO sewing machines.
Fully based on special skeleton, the ears, the tongue, and the mouth are reinforced. Gucci can open and close mouth, as wel as show and hide the tongue. The nose, the paw pads, and the claws - polymer clay. Hand painted body and glass eyes.
The baby is very touchable and, thanks to natural fur, gives you enormously realistic impression.
So, let Gucci get into your life and this little creature will pay you back with tons of positive emotions and feelings!

P. S.
Please, excuse the "pale" photos! It's pretty rainy and grey here now, and I don't use any graphic editors to enhance images quality.

Find out whether or not the "baby" is available for adoption at
my BearPile page.
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