Unique Toys
of Businka

Not just a toy maker, but an artist.
Not just toys, but creatures.

Interview with Olga Ageenkova (Businka)

 Few years ago nobody heard about Olga Ageenkova.
She lived and worked in a small town by name Elektrostal near Moscow (Russia), and we could hardly imagine that modest toy maker transformed into an artist whose works thrill people’s minds and souls.
There was a period when she made simple (but beautiful) dolls for interiors.
By now Olga creates pieces of art for collectors and connoisseurs and finds utter satisfaction in knowing that her works are wanted and appreciated because they touch the hearts of people around whole the world.

How did you start making art?

Olga: Actually I can’t distinguish the particular moment when people began perceive my works as masterpieces. But my toy maker career has begun from sewing dolls. At that time I was inspired by them and tried to bring new concepts and enrich existing ones with fresh ideas as I never been satisfied with one particular form or image. Perhaps, this was the main condition why I didn’t use the same pattern in each new work.

Which part of your creative process is most exciting for you?

Olga: I wouldn’t divide my work into more or less preferable operations. Sometimes I don’t live in reality being fully engrossed in what I’m doing. I want you to understand, that every real artist, in my opinion, works from and for a soul, and doesn’t have a particular plan or terms. Perhaps that’s one of the main differences between a masterpiece and a business project. In my own view, of course.
Perhaps, I could mention each and every stage of creative process as a favorite one. You know, when you’re observing gradually changing creature, obtaining more and more living features with every single movement of a needle and thread, or every touch of a brush. Maybe we could describe it as excitement.
And, to be honest, I love the exact moment people get my “babies”, as nothing is more exciting for me as the shine in eyes of a new owner at that minute.

You don’t work with the same patterns. Why?

Olga: You know, I would rather say “mostly”. But that’s not the mandatory rule for me. I acknowledge that I prefer creating new pattern to using an existing one.
Why? I will tell you.
Even though I worked with the same pattern, each new “newborn” would get its own image. I don’t like working for money, I do that for my inner piece and all my “babies” contain a tiny part of my own soul. Maybe that’s the key condition of people’s love to my works. And that’s why my motto sounds like “Not just toys, but creatures”.

How do you attain such realistic forms of your animals?

Olga: You’re asking quite strange questions. Try to ask any artist why this touch of a brush is here, or to ask a writer why this particular word is at this exact place. We’re discussing a creative process, not manufacturing. Sometimes artists wait for inspiration quite long time, leaving their work without any attention for days, weeks, or even months. I guess this question is not for answering. As well as real masterpieces are not for any tangible pleasure, but rather for people’s minds and souls.

Excuse me, please, for the question, but why “Businka”?

Olga: That’s an absolutely correct question, don’t worry.
Businka. This name was given me by my husband. He loves to call me this name in a gentle way, and there are no reasons to avoid using it in my creation work as a pseudonym. Moreover it makes attempts to find my works in the Internet a bit easier, than just the name ‐ Olga Ageenkova.

What would you wish for yourself in the future?

Olga: You know, I’ve got all I could wish. I’ve got a wonderful family. My husband’s patience and understanding allows me to be fully devoted to my passion ‐ the Art. My kids ‐ a son and a daughter ‐ are talented either, each one in own way.
But, you know, if there were a bit more persons able to appreciate my works and enjoy even just watching them, I would be much more happy. Because my belief is, any Art ‐ no matter what kind of ‐ must bring joy to people. Without it any art is dying. That’s my point of view. So, I would like just to wish the happiness to all of you. As well as to find yourself in your own passion.

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Not just a toy maker, but an artist. Not just toys, but creatures.

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