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Canne Corso puppy by name

Have you ever heard of Lake Manyara?
It's not just the lake but also Lake Manyara National Park, founded in 1960 in Tanzania. So I decided to give this name to the new girl puppy of Canne Corso, as, in my humble opinion, it matches her ve-ery much.
Realistic size of 3 month old puppy.
Sewn (completely by hands) of new exclusive italian enormously touchable faux fur, based on special skeleton, filled up with hollow fiber and mineral granulate. Hand painted glass eyes, the nose and the claws - polymer clay. The paw pads are made of leather. Reinforced ears.
Manyara is enormously cute and playful baby. She loves wearing her dress and other accessories. Impossible to repeat, a single copy. I don't need to convince you about anything, just listen to your heart!

Find out whether or not the "baby" is available for adoption at
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