Unique Toys World of Businka!


The newborn baby's name is Pepsi.
Don't get surprised by my choice, the name came into my mind and I couldn't help it...
Among all the words I usually use to describe my babies - like "sewn of German mohair, completely based on split-pins, handmade nose, and hand painted eyes, active and flexible, able to make different poses"...
I'm sure you know that all my creatures not only made with diligence and love, but also contain a tiny part of my soul - as their creator.
And you may become his loving parent!
The baby is incredibly cute and soft!
It's a pity the pictures can't bring to you all the admiration of holding and touching him.
So, don't procrastinate, as Pepsi is waiting for you!

P. S.
Pepsi is also waiting for sibling. I suppose you may guess the name of the next baby.
But don't tell it to anyone, that's a secret!

Find out whether or not the "baby" is available for adoption at
my BearPile page.
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