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Stacy teen

Pray spend some minutes of your life and take a look at the teenager of elephant.
I have given her name Stacy.
This cute baby's been sewn, in mixed way, of German viscose and cotton, in order to make her fit even for children's games.
For me it's the prototype of a work made by Inna Papis' pattern.
The baby is filled up with sawdust, metal granulate, and wool. The head is based on split-pins, the paws - button-thread joints. Tinted with oil paints.
All the clothes are hand made, including shoes. You may put all the clothing both on and off.
Due to some specific features the baby can sit only.
Well, one more time, take a look at the cute baby and... listen to your heart!

Find out whether or not the "baby" is available for adoption at
my BearPile page.
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