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White Tiger

Did you know that:
- White Tiger is one of the rarer relatives of the big cats;
- No two tigers will have the same pattern of stripes;
- White fur is extremely rare and happens only once in 10,000 births;
- White Tigers have been observed to grow faster compared to their "orange family"...
But you may not worry about the last aspect, as this cute baby will always be a child, your beloved fluffy kid.
Not to mention his little bunny-friend made of viscose.
Few words of the job done.
Sewn of faux fur, fully based on split-pins, the reinforced ears, paws, and tail. The paw pads - polymer clay.
The baby is very young, but is very active and may take various poses.
Of course, completely sewn and painted by my hands with no machines using.
Therefore, if you decided to adopt this creature you would get an absolutely genuine baby from Unique Toys World of Businka.

P. S.
The White Tiger's friend bunny's been sewn by my hands either. The rabbit is worthy of your attention, trust me, as he's got both split-pin based head and flexible ears.

Find out whether or not the "baby" is available for adoption at
my BearPile page.
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